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About Us

SportsPilot is one of the oldest, well established developers of amateur sports IT services. With over 60+ years of professional IT experience to leverage, our success comes from SportsPilot employees having volunteered for sports organization and knowing the challenges you face.  We offer a variety of online services including registration, scheduling, facility management, background checks and websites to amateur sports organizations, teams, and clubs. Our goal has remained steadfast throughout these years: Find the most affordable and convenient way of streamlining much of the administrative hassle in running youth sports, freeing up valuable volunteer time to focus on the kids and the programs.           

SportsPilot has invested over $5 million dollars towards this mission, currently supporting over 500 customers, and processing over 2 million online registrations a year. We have developed the leading online registration technology that integrates a powerful back office component handling any variations you can throw at us. Combine this with our scheduling and facility technology, and you are now able to manage the complete process through an intuitive internet application, saving enormous time.
When working with an organization, we focus from the grass roots up. Those people in the organization who are responsible for getting the programs registered, arranging the fields, getting the schedules created and handling all the associated administrative tasks; these are the people we measure our success by.

Access to all SportsPilot services and software is available to our clients, from home or office, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through a standard Internet browser. Whether you are a national sports group, an area sports organizer, a municipal parks & recreation department, or a local team - SportsPilot can save you time and money!

Our Mission

SportsPilot will provide services and products to redefine and improve the information flow between amateur sports organizations and their player/parent/fan community while delivering cost savings and efficiencies that dramatically enhance the overall amateur sports experience.

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  • “In the last 10 years our organization has tried 3 different well known registration and control packages. The ease of use and flexibility of the software offered in SportsPilot was the best value we have found.”
  • “The website functionality and scheduler options tie together a very nice and tidy package that I would recommend to any group looking to improve their processes.”
  • “SportsPilot is very attentive to any issues that come up and offer great service and training along with their software.”
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