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RegSaver Registration Insurance

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What is Regsaver Insurance?

”Regsaver” is an optional add-on insurance policy that can be purchased at the end of a registration upon checkout, designed to insure reimbursement for non-refundable athlete registration fees in case of injury, illness, job layoff and more.

Why Should I Purchase Regsaver ?

Most events have a strict “No Refund Policy”, if you pay a non-refundable registration fee and due to unforeseen reasons like injuries the athlete is forced to withdraw from the program during the pre-season, the athlete will be eligible for up to 100% reimbursement of those fees if you purchased Regsaver at checkout during registration.

How to Purchase Regsaver Insurance?

During registration upon checkout. Regsaver will appear below the registration fee line item as an optional add-on. Regsaver costs 7% of registration fees for multi-day events and 6% of registration fees for single day events with a minimum price of $7.

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Need to file a claim?

Once you purchase Regsaver insurance, you will receive an email with your policy number and coverage information. If you have any questions or need to file a claim, please contact AIG and provide your policy number.


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